Elite Courier Services

Elite courier services are popular in the United Kindom for their range of services from same day couriers, to overnight parcel delivery, to international services. This means customers can tailor the service to provide exactly what they need for their goods to be transported.

The company make a point of sharing the vision behind their success, wishing to maintain their position as a world class organisation which provides both a successful and energy efficient service. The company also takes pains to ensure its actions are always ethical, both towards its workers and anyone along the path of the package being delivered.

The company stand firm on aiming to behave with integrity, striving to be honest and transparent with customers and staff, so that promises and commitments are always honoured. This means that customers will put their trust in the company and rest assured that the service they pay for is what they get.

The company also wish to create a dynamic and creative working environment in the mentality that a well looked worker is a happy worker, with the same going for how customers should be treated. The company aim to nurture their employees in order to motivate them to feel and work like leaders rather than just pawns carrying out tasks.

With this clear ethos, creating a strong positive staff and an equally as positive and trusting customer base, Elite hopes to support its many courier services and ventures.

International Delivery Services

Elite Worldwide have a huge network meaning a full range of delivery and services can take place almost anywhere. The International Express Parcel Delivery service run by Elite ensures their parcels are tracked in order that the service is reliable, transparent and accountable for its actions and anything which may befall your goods.

Elite also provide a Time Sensitive Parcel Delivery service and Air Freight Delivery service, offering specific times by which the parcel is to be delivered, such as before noon, before 9am and so forth. This can be particularly important in the business world if papers are needed urgently by a certain time or the beginning of the working day. Out of hours delivers or collections can also be arranged with Elite.

Not only this, but Elite also have an International Express Air Freight Delivery service, and a specialist branch of this also. The company only uses the most reputable and reliable agents, with the specialist branch catering to time sensitive packages.

Same Day Services

The Same Day service operates within the UK, with Elite using office and warehouse facilities in Slough, Berkshire and London to ensure that packages are cared for effectively.

The Same Day service boasts excellent customer service, with smart and professional drivers. The cars are equipped with satellite tracking and navigation so that there is no chance of a package being late or lost.

For a lower price there is also an overnight delivery service which is equipped with many vehicles and drivers where delivery and collection times are flexible six days a week.